Becoming the Greenest City in North America- what does it take?

Becoming Greenest – Recommendations for a More Sustainable Washington, D.C.  (32 page pdf, American Society of Landscape Architects, 2012)

Also discussed here: US and Canada Green City Index – Assessing the environmental performance of 27 major US and Canadian cities (71 page pdf, the Economist Intelligence Unit, 2011)

And here: Sustainable D.C. (American Society of Landscape Architects)

And here: D.C. Offers a Bold Vision for a More Sustainable Future (The Dirt, May 2,2012)

And here: In New Study, San Francisco Tops List of Greenest Cities in the U.S. and Canada (The Dirt, July 1, 2011)

The American Society of Landscape Architects has  proposed a 20 year plan for the US capital that could bring that city from the 8th place out of 27 in ranking (by the Economist Intelligence Unit) of greenest cities #1 – the top two in 2011 were San Francisco and Toronto. Many of the goals are both achievable and applicable to many other cities, given the political will, and include such targets as zero waste, all waterways fishable and swimmable and to cut energy use and CO2 emissions by 50%.

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