How Polluted is the Air Inside Buses?

An Examination of the Sensitivity of Sulfur Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide Concentrations to the Important Factors Affecting Air Quality Inside a Public Transportation Bus (22 page pdf,  Akhil Kadiyala and Ashok Kumar, Atmosphere, Jun.15, 2012)

While there is much evidence that the air quality near and in heavy traffic is poor, there has been less research into the quality of air inside commuting vehicles. The journal article reviewed today examines the changes that occur by weather type, season and time of day for each pollutant found inside a bus in Toledo, a city in the northern USA. The worst conditions appear to be in late fall/ winter, during the morning rush hour and when it is not raining. This should prompt public health and urban transportation planners to look more closely at health impacts from air pollution during the winter rather than just summer when smog alerts are usually issued.

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