The Politics of Road Tolls in Canada

A White Paper On Reforming Canada’s Transportation Policies for the 21st Century(21 page pdf, Brian Flemming, SRR series, Vol. 5,Issue 18, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, June 2010)

 Also discussed here: Experts urge feds to charge road tolls, user fees to pay for infrastructure (Jordan Press, Postmedia News Jun. 6, 2012)
Today we look at a white paper aimed at creating discussion about the need for a new way to fund road infrastructure in Canada- something that has been partially paid for by gas taxes and short term stimulus funding. It points out that as fuel prices rise and electric car use increases that gas taxes are a declining source of revenue while road infrastructure will only continue to build, leaving a charge for road use as the best option. A focus by cities on this and some sort of agreement on how to proceed is needed.


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