Heart Disease in Polluted Urban Cores

Sternocostal surface of heart. (Right coronary...

Sternocostal surface of heart. (Right coronary artery visible at left.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The relation between coronary artery calcification in asymptomatic subjects and both traditional risk factors and living in the city centre: a DanRisk substudy (Abstract, J. Lambrechtsen, O. Gerke, K. Egstrup, N. P. Sand, B. L. Nørgaard, H. Petersen, H. Mickley, A. C. P. Diederichsen, Journal of Internal Medicine, Dec. 20,2011)

Also discussed here: Heart Study Suggests City Center Pollution Doubles Risk of Calcium Build-Up in Arteries (Science Daily, Apr. 26, 2012)

Today, we review research that looked at the heart disease impacts for those living in city centres.  Results indicate a much greater chance of heart disease there than in the suburbs or rural areas, especially with men.

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