Safe Roads for Seniors

Keeping Baby Boomers Mobile: Preserving the Mobility and Safety of Older Americans (25 page pdf, TRIP and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Feb. 2012)

Also discussed here: Forgive and Forget (Streetsblog, Mar. 5, 2012)

And here: Few U.S. cities are ready for aging Baby Boomer population (USA Today-Your Life, Mar. 25, 2012)

Under review today is a report that looks at the safety issues on local streets that the growing older population either drives on (80% of them do) or uses on foot. These include: the higher risks for seniors making left turns at intersections and the window available for them to avoid heavy traffic, becoming shorter because of the increased congestion from noon on. Combining these issues with the poor design of many city streets that borrow from highway design and fail to achieve either mobility or efficiency- the “STROAD”. The future will see twice as many seniors so that all these problems will amplify in the absence of corrections.

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