The Next Congestion Charge System for New York City?

New York congestion pricing 2012 version  (Road pricing, Mar. 12, 2012)

Also discussed here: Details of Sam Schwartz’s “Fair Plan” and Other Orcutt+Komanoff Highlights  (Ben Fried, Streetsblog, Mar. 7,2012)

And here: The mother of all traffic plans hits NYC (Daniel Massey, Crain’s New York Business, Mar. 21, 2012)

Today we review an interesting proposal to address some of the issues in the failed 2008 plan to introduce congestion charges for New York City failed at the state level (although it was supported by the city’s public). One of the big factors was the lack of benefit to many from outside the city who would pay tolls- and this is where the main opposition was. The 2012 plan introduces a collections system that does not involve money, improvements to highways and flexible pricing according to demand rather than fixed. Many of the questions posed (with some answers) are the same ones that other cities considering road pricing need to consider.

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