Turning Urban Highways into Parks for People

The Life and Death of Urban Highways ( 44 page pdf, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy and EMBARQ, Mar. 2012)

Also discussed here: Urban Highways Offer Cities New Opportunities for Revitalization (Erica Schlaikjer, The City Fix, Mar. 21, 2012)

The report reviewed today summarizes the social, economic and environmental benefits that have resulted from the removal of urban highways in five cities: Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, California; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Seoul, South Korea; and Bogotá, Colombia. Each city used the new urban space in different ways but it is clear that the assumptions that went into the vast expansion of urban highways during the 20th century have changed or are changing to meet the needs of the 21st. One observes that all Canadian cities except for one have a freeway through their centre. The one that doesn’t has been rated one of the world’s top cities in terms of quality of life and environmental benefits. Care to guess which one?  (Vancouver)

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