Assessing Air Quality near Major Roads in Ontario, Canada

Environmental Guide for Assessing and Mitigating the Air Quality Impacts and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Provincial Transportation Projects (78 page pdf, Environmental Policy Office, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Jan. 2012)

Also discussed here: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Impacts of Transportation (Dianne Saxe, Envirolaw, Mar. 1, 2012)

Although it is considered still a “draft”, the guide reviewed today for assessing air quality and greenhouse gas emissions near roads in the province of Ontario is a major step forward.  It defines when roadside vehicle emissions need to be dealt with and what standards or models should be applied. It is clear that many of the criteria take into account health impacts, such as the flagging of transportation projects where residences, schools, day cares, etc are located within 100-500 m of major roads and highways.

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