Where Would Seniors Choose to Live?

Best U.S. Cities for Seniors 2011 (15 page pdf, Bankers Life and Casualty CompanyCenter for a Secure Retirement, Sep. 2011)

Also discussed here: Best U.S. Cities For Seniors Not What You’d Expect, Says New Study (Eric Miller, Vox Civitatis: the New Colonist Webog, Dec. 20,2011)

The focus today is on a study which ranked 50 US cities in terms of quality of life for seniors who are rising to the top priority in many countries for several reasons, the most pertinent being sheer numbers- in 20 years, there will be more people over 60 than under 20 and they will make up double what they do now- and they all can vote and health care is uppermost in their minds, although the criteria used go well beyond health care. The chosen criteria, for people who live outside the US are perhaps the most significant aspect as the same ones probably could be applied to assess other cities with altered weighting. The quality of the air and its link to mortality seems to be an underlying, if not explicit, factor affecting several criteria.  The top rated US city was Minneapolis and the lowest, Riverside California.

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