The Health Costs of Asthma caused by Traffic-Related Air Pollution

Asthma Obstruction of the lumen of the bronchi...

Asthma Obstruction of the lumen of the bronchiole by mucoid exudate, goblet cell metaplasia, epithelial basement membrane thickening and severe inflammation of bronchiole. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Costs of childhood asthma due to traffic-related pollution in two california communities (S. J. Brandt, L. Perez, N. Kunzli, F. Lurmann, R. McConnell. Abstract, European Respiratory Journal, Jan. 20, 2012)

Also discussed here: Asthma Rate and Costs from Traffic Pollution Higher: Much Higher Than Past Traditional Risk Assessments Have Indicated (Science Daily, Jan. 25, 2012)

The focus of today’s review is a research article from California which examines costs directly and indirectly related to traffic related pollution. The conclusion is that the costs are much higher than suggested by traditional studies and that this cost is borne more by urban communities that experience traffic more than those which do not.

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