Climate Change, Air Pollution and Corrosion of Buildings


Corrosion (Photo credit: LearningToSee)

Climate change impact on building surfaces and facades (12 page pdf, Terje Grøntoft, International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, 2011)

As more and more countries fail to meet the international agreements to reduce carbon emissions in a timely manner – either in terms of absolute emissions (China, USA and others) or per capita (Canada, Australia and others)- attention now needs to turn to adapting to climate change coming in the next few decades and especially to cities. The article under review today looks at an important aspect for Norwegian cities and their buildings – and how increased CO2 and other air pollutants would cause corrosion of building surfaces equivalent to 50% more air pollution- or to put it another way, the need to reduce air pollution by 50% in order to compensate for the expected impacts of climate change.

Atmospheric corrosion of Sagene Folkebad, public baths in Oslo, May 2007 (left) and after maintenance, September 2008 (right)

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