GEO Medicine and Lifetime Exposure to Poor Air Quality

Bill Davenhall: Your health depends on where you live (9 min video, TED, Oct. 2009)

Also shown here: Bill Davenhall: Your health depends on where you live (9 min You-Tube)

And discussed here: Heart Attack Rates (Acute Myocardial Infarction per 100,000 Medicare Enrollees) (ERSI, 2005)

The focus today is on a new branch of environmental health called GEO Medicine that looks at geography applied to environmental health and epidemiology, using various new tools including Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and tracking tools such as those found on smart phones.  The speaker points out that while lifestyle and genetics are often included on one’s medical history file, rarely is there a record of where one lived and what was the environment . By extension to his own  “place history”, he shows how this can help to identify in advance what diseases to expect in old age.

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  1. I’m quite sure that clusters of certain conditions could be matched to areas of poor air quality and geospatial analysis is the perfect tool for the job. The same cane be done for ground and water contamination. With enough data, it would be interesting to compare health conditions against contaminants and try to find the closest correlations. Once those are found, a finished map can be an extremely useful tool in conveying the findings to the public.

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