Exposure to Air Pollution and Heart Attacks

Atrial fibrillation

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Supraventricular Arrhythmia Following Exposure to Concentrated Ambient Air Pollution Particles (14 page pdf, Andrew J. Ghio, Maryann Bassett, Tracey Montilla, Eugene H. Chung, Wayne E. Cascio, Martha Sue Carraway, Environmental Health Perspectives, Sep. 6, 2011)
The focus today is on the reaction of a middle aged woman’s heart to air pollution particles and an analysis of the likely factors to explain that reaction. The results support a causal link between the particles and the impact on her heart.

The volunteer’s electrocardiogram (12 lead and rhythm strip) before (A) and immediately following (B) exposure to concentrated ambient particles. The electrocardiogram before the exposure (A) reveals a regular sinus rhythm with defined P waves (arrows) while that following the exposure (B) is irregular with “flutter” waves (arrows).

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