Why Not Report Urban Air Pollution Publicly?

WikiLeaks reveals China’s failure to measure dangerous pollution- pollutant levels were not measured and made public because findings would have been ‘too sensitive’ for the authorities (Jonathan Watts, Guardian, Aug. 26, 2011)

Today’s focus is on a report provided by Wikileaks from the US foreign service in 2006 about the reluctance of Chinese officials to report or release urban air pollution data. There is some irony here of course in the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases criticizing #2. As well, there seems to be a tendency of those responsible for air quality, particularly in the USA and Canada, of refusing to monitor roadside roadside emissions in traffic-clogged cities, seen as one of the main factors for urban air pollution and its health impacts (as demonstrated in hundreds of reviews on this blog). There are exceptions, of course:  New York City Community Air Survey and

Managing Hot Spots in Urban Municipalities in England (UK Local Air Quality Management Agreements directed by DEFRA)

To Key Quotes and Links to key reports about this post, click HERE


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