Review of Road Pricing Around the World

Acceptability of road pricing (152 page pdf, John Walker, Royal Automobile Association Foundation , May 2011)

The report reviewed today comes from the UK with the world’s first successful congestion pricing program in 2002, but after voters rejected road pricing in two cities more recently. It analyses what the public are looking for- essentially fair and revenue-neutral fees along with low overhead costs- with a look at the kinds of road pricing applications found world-wide. One factor that has changed radically is the impact of technology in the form of GPS and automated systems that has brought the fees down from close to 50% of revenues in London to as low as 3% in the system in the Netherlands – which is well within the 5% rate level seen to be acceptable to the public. Another factor is the cost conscious public’s continued reluctance to pay more for driving in heavy traffic than on empty roads- a clear call for public education and demonstration of benefits.

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