Is there (or should there be) a War on Cars?

The First Casualty of a Non-Existent War: Evaluating Claims of Unjustified Restrictions on Automobile Use, and a Critique of ‘Washingtons War On Cars and the Suburbs’ (35 page pdf, Todd Litman, Victoria Transport Policy Institute, Mar. 11, 2011)


Todd Litman’s latest report is the focus of today’s post. He analyzes the claims by a critic of sustainable transportation, Wendell Cox, point by point, with references to established authoritative sources, concluding that there is no war. Much would be improved through acknowledgement and accommodation of the needs of the motorist with those who choose other transportation options, be it transit, cycling or walking.

To see Key Quotes and links to relevant reports on this post, visit the new internet platform for Pollution Free Cities by clicking HERE


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