Driving and Walking in the City

No Accident: Traffic and Pedestrians in the Modern City ( John Rennie Short; Luis Mauricio Pinet-Peralta, Pages 41 – 59, Mobilities, Feb.1, 2010)


Today’s article comes thanks to the World Streets blog which reprinted much of an article from the journal Mobilites by Short and Pinet-Peralta. It looks at the enormous cost of a culture that places a much higher priority on car and speed than on walking and cycling. While many view the present state as too far down the road (so to speak) to change course, by simply putting a significant and higher priority on pedestrian’s needs, at least there is some hope of changing an unsustainable direction. Three strategies are suggested which involve taking traffic away from residential areas and planning around health and environmental objectives.

To see Key Quotes and links to other posts about this topic, visit the new internet platform for Pollution Free Cities by clicking HERE


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