Vulnerability of Communities to Climate Change Impacts

Reduction of flood and associated extreme weat...

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Assessing the Impacts of Local Knowledge and Technology on Climate Change Vulnerability in Remote Communities (29 page pdf, Christopher Bone, Lilian Alessa, Mark Altaweel, Andrew Kliskey and Richard Lammers, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.2011, Mar. 4, 2011)


The article reviewed today looks at the vulnerability of a community to environmental change, as estimated by the gap between local perception of the existing issues and the promise of new technology. Although the communities examined were in the far north and the issue water supply, the approach and the general conclusions seem to apply to (many?) other communities and in the wider context of climate change – health  impacts generally – and specifically to the promise of new transportation technology, such as electrically powered vehicles and biofuels, for example, to deliver reduced or zero toxic emissions.

To see Key Quotes and relevant documents about this post, visit the new internet platform for Pollution Free Cities HERE


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