Solar Roadways Updated

TEDxSacramento – Scott Brusaw’s concept was just that, a concept, a year ago, as described in this post about Solar Roadways and this quote: ” If all paved surfaces in the U.S. were replaced with 15% efficiency solar panels, the resulting distributed power network could provide three times the electricity the nation consumes, with zero carbon emissions.”

This spring, after completing a proof of concept under contract to the US Department of Transportation, Brusaw presented an update to the TEDxSacramento as shown in the two part videos below:

Part 1 (8.22 min video, Apr. 16, 2010)


Part 2 (7.01 min video, Apr. 16, 2010)

And here is a radio interview done on Aug. 1, 2010:

Solar Roadway Project (48 min interview-sound only, The Chris Moore Show)

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