Growth Management, Impact Taxes and Road Pricing

The Limits to Growth Management (33 pge pdf, Environment and Planning, 1997)

Managing the development of land surrounding cities and the road and transit infrastructure that follows from that is a key to coping with the traffic and air pollution that is a byproduct. The focus for this post is an article that analyzes the various options available and proposes an alternative which includes road pricing.

Key Quotes

“This paper reviews and critiques the growth management system in Montgomery County, Maryland with the intent of finding generalizable lessons…an alternative, reactive, approach, which links the threads of infrastructure financing and adequate public facilities by replacing quotas with a market based approach of cost-based prices, would be more equitable, efficient, and effective in implementing county goals.

“There are many approaches to growth management, ranging from simple development prohibitions through urban growth boundaries to exactions.“

“Transportation control measures are a key tool advocated to reduce emissions, and growth management is one potential measure.“

“a developer may enter into a trip mitigation program in order to attain approval. These programs include ride-matching, shuttle services, constructing park-and-ride lots, transit subsidies, and other measures which supposedly get vehicles off roads.“

“As congestion becomes intolerable, travelers switch time-of-day, mode, destination, activity sequence and route, and in the longer term, they relocate. An important feedback in the urban system is human rationality in travel and location decisions.“

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