Getting People out of Cars

Magic Formula for Transit Ridership (Cap’n Transit Rides Again,  Sep. 13, 2009)

An older article on the theme of promoting greater use of transit has a great graphic (shown below) and an interesting analysis of options which depend on the strength of the road (car) lobby.

Key Quotes:

“the magic formula:

1. Give transit its own right-of-way and good terminals
2. Make it hard to use cars
3. Make it expensive to use cars
4. Profit!”

“Step 1, exclusive right-of-way for transit, insulates the transit from the effects of Steps 2 and 3. The reason that both Step 2 and Step 3 are necessary is because drivers are a fairly diverse bunch.”

Strong road lobby Weak road lobby
Short-term financial hardship Transit expansion Highway toll increase
Long-term financial hardship Transit fare reduction Highway reduction

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2 Responses

  1. There is a simpler way. Make the buses and trams fare-free. It works. It is being done right now. It can be implemented for 60 basis points of tax. The paybacks are much more than that, and are immediate and long-lasting.

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