Why do you drive to work?

How Does Car Parking Availability and Public Transport Accessibility Influence Work-Related Travel Behaviors? (15 page pdf, Sustainability 2010, 2, 576-590, 12 February 2010)

How to get people out of their cars for the daily commute and into public transit is a challenge for many cities in North America. This article looks at the factors that have the most influence on that decision, which are similar to the results of a survey done by the Environmental Advisory Committee of the City of Ottawa a few years ago i.e. the provision of free or low cost parking or a company car by the employer is a major factor.

Key Quotes:

“is now recognized that many strategies employed to mitigate the effects of climate change (e.g., reducing private car use) can have major benefits for public health. Work-related commuting via private automobile is associated with substantial traffic congestion, air pollution, and reduced overall physical activity accumulation “

“Respondents who had an objectively-measured public transport stop proximal to their residence (<200 meters) or perceived public transport as being accessible were more likely to commute to work via mass transit. “

“those who perceived they have accessibility to car parking at their worksite or had a company car available were more likely to commute to work by private vehicle “

“also existed by worksite location, and this has been suggested to be a function of traffic density, public transport convenience, and cost of car parking “

“those who reported limited car availability were approximately six times more likely to walk or cycle to the worksite when compared with adults with unlimited vehicle access “

“significantly increased public transport engagement in participants achieving 101–210 minutes of walking per week but a reduction in those achieving more than 210 minutes of walking per week. “

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