Has Congestion Pricing’s Time Come?

In his comments in Albany’s Choice, John Petro sums up the main benefits of congestion pricing (with links to reference documents) as  related to New York City but also applicable to many other large cities with congested downtowns. He referenced a report by The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy which has additional information  on the plaNYC congestion pricing plan  Congestion pricing: Good policy for New York’s middle class.

Key Quotes:

“Congestion pricing would raise $500 million a year for mass transit, more than enough to prevent the proposed service cuts and cover the MTA‘s current budget shortfall.”

“Second, a congestion charge would save the city’s economy billions of dollars by reducing the $8.1 billion wasted every year in travel delay and fuel consumption”

“Once a congestion charge is in place, there would be an immediate and perceptible drop in traffic congestion as drivers switch to transit or make their trips during off-peak hours, resulting in savings of $2.5 billion.”

“Third, congestion pricing would result in cleaner air and fewer pollution-related illness. .. children in New York City are almost twice as likely to be hospitalized for asthma as the national average, and a 2003 study found that the cost of asthma hospitalization was $242 million a year”

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  1. Thanks- there will be more on congestion pricing coming. Feel free to post comments.

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