Sustainable Development and Community Vitality

Community Vitality: The Role of Community-Level Resilience Adaptation and Innovation in Sustainable Development (17 page pdf, Sustainability 2010, 2, 215-231)

– detailed cases can all be read Here

Key Quotes:

“Communities…can be said to have a level of community vitality that acts as a site of resilience, adaptation and innovation in the face of environmental challenges”

“analysis of thirty-five Canadian communities reveals the characteristics of community vitality emerging from sustainable development experiments and its relationship to resilience”

“it is at the community scale that the application of innovation, both technological and social occurs most effectively, and, when aggregated has the greatest impact in increasing sustainability at a broader scale”

“Planning orientated around car mobility rather than people has created infrastructure and places where chance social interactions are reduced, where people are isolated from the natural world and where streets and downtowns are increasingly empty places”

“Treating sustainable development as a process creates the need for an indefinite program of monitoring and adjustment.”

“Sustainable communities adapt and work within their environment rather than against it. A community that is vital, however, does more than adapt and mitigate, it anticipates, designs and redesigns as it adapts.”

“some degree of community vitality is necessary to stimulate the creativity, partnerships and trans-disciplinary relationships we have established are necessary for sustainable community development.”

“there is inherent uncertainty in the predicted outcomes of innovation. For example, expectations of the computer revolution were a significant reduction in the use of paper, when in fact the opposite has occurred”

“Diversity is also key to all three anticipated heuristics of community vitality—resilience, innovation and adaptation. Thus, it is keystone to both resilience and a community‘s ability to adapt”

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  1. Thanks for your comment. The point of the article is the need to keep the individual and community in mind when attempting to implement general policy, especially concerning the environment when action at the local level is vital. Do you agree?

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