User Based Charges for Transportation Funding

Implementable Strategies for Shifting to Direct Usage-Based Charges for Transportation Funding (150 pages pdf)

by the US National Academy of Sciences (june 2009)


“This document describes trends in fuel-tax revenue and VMT growth that suggest the motivation for considering such fees, and then describes how currently available technology and administrative structures might be used to implement direct usage-based charges”

“Directly charging road users based on their VMT or other indicators of their system usage has long been applied to travelers on toll roads.

New electronics and communication technologies are making the idea increasingly attractive as a more broadly applicable revenue-raising tool.”

“The goal in this study was to identify a range of options that might support the near-term implementation of a national system of VMT fees and evaluate their relative strengths and weaknesses. Based on the research, three options appear to offer the greatest promise:

metering mileage based on fuel-consumption,

metering mileage based on a device combining cellular service and a connection to the onboard diagnostics port, and

metering mileage based on a device featuring a GPS receiver.”


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